Weekend-Adventures was founded to expose youth and children to something new and awesome about themselves that they didn’t know was there before. Our mission is to take youth and children out of the city's poorest neighborhoods and into the arts, sciences, and the outdoors. Our vision is to alleviate generational/cultural poverty by decreasing the opportunity gaps that exist between families who have means to provide these experiences and those who don’t have the means to provide these opportunities.

We do not operate in the classroom, rec room, or other neighborhood buildings. Weekend Adventures lead trips to art museums, science halls, and hiking trails.

Our pilot program included trips to The DeYoung Museum, Stinson Beach, Lawrence Hall of Science, and other destinations where our participants got to explore and learn and to be free.
For some, it was their first time visiting a beach. One participant who wants to be an architectural engineer spent his time at Lawrence Hall of Science building and testing rockets. During our trip to The Botanical Gardens in San Francisco, we discovered ancient trees, and recently, one of our participants informed me that ancient trees are Palm Trees and that they are everywhere. She’s making real-life connections and is able to relate science and nature to everyday life.

Our program design allows participants to build relationships and trust within their peer group. Each six weekend series of trips comprises of 6-8 participants ranging between 3rd to 7th grades who travel together, eat together, and explore together. Weekend Adventures gives them the space to develop their dreams and build trust in their fellow participants and themselves.
We need your help to achieve continue to build on these goals. Please Donate today and any and all amounts count and are appreciated!

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